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Our Fragrances

Our fragrances are design in France, in accordance with the IFRA, REACH and CE regulations. Thet are guaranteed without CMR substances and allergen-free*
( * Rates reduced to the maximum)

Food & Greed

The delicious bitterness of tight coffee, on the zinc.
Café Espresso
Pure and creamy warmth of a real Italian coffee, sprinkled with a hint of cocoa. A scent to take at any time.
Subtle ballad in the heart of the orchard. A scent of freshly picked apples, a happiness to feel. A taste of pleasure.
Douceur de Pomme
Fragrance, greedy and sweet, for an assured return to childhood. A regressive evocation of candies that appeal to the greatest, as to the little ones.
Fraise Confiserie
Appetising smell of sweet sweets, melted butter and pastries.
A fragrance that exalt all its refinement by evoking the warmth of the Mediterranean.
Lait de Figue
Merry Christmas! Sit comfortably by the fire and let yourself be wrapped in a wooded, winter-spiced atmosphere.
Merry Christmas
Aroma reminiscent of a morning batch still hot, ready to taste. Gourmet fragrance, with the smell of toast.
Pain Chaud
A regressive fragrance, for an irresistible craving for chocolate in the heart of hazelnuts. It's hard not to succumb to a spread, as greedy.
Tartine de Chocolat

Nature & Wellness

Greatness and big heart, in a powerful fragrance with nature and cedar accents. A fragrance of elegance without restraint.
Cœur du Liban
An olfactory awakening, gentle. A day that starts on a good note: bubbly, full of freshness. Like a sunrise in the wilderness.
Eveil du Matin
Delicate infusion of green notes, subtle fragrance that invites to harmony, serenity and escape.
Feuilles de Thé
A journey in the shade of the orange trees in bloom, where floral, sweet and delicate notes are intermingled. A scent of Provence and elsewhere.
Fleur d'Oranger
Sensual, elegant, luminous and enveloping. A floral fragrance that celebrates in the sun, the flower season
Fleurs Blanches
A holiday memory. The warmth of the rays of the sun, you flicking delicately the skin. A light and deep fragrance, with summer scents that take you away from everything, away from time.
Fleurs de Monoï
A perfect swing in the sun. Bright and elegant, a fragrance that immerses you in the natural ambience of a real golf with freshly moweded grass.
Green de Golf
Just relax. Inhale. Feel this unique scent, with notes straight from Asia, conducive to meditation. Go into communion with nature. Exhale. That's it, you're in.
Jardin Zen
Floral, Woody, a deep and captivating fragrance. A bouquet of poetic flowers at the spring announcement. A romantic invitation for Jasmine lovers.
Jasmin odorant
You will be seized, by the natural freshness that escapes from this unique fragrance. Perfect harmony between fir scent, pure air aloft and snowflake on the slopes. A dazzling fragrance of beauty.
Montagne Enneigée
The warmth of a reassuring fragrance, with delicate notes full of freshness. A relaxing fragrance that plunges you into a world of serenity.
A real invitation to travel. The tenderness of the tropics through a unique fragrance that carries you in a wave of freshness, between coconut palms and vanilla islands.
Vanille Coco

Business & Luxury

Sublimation of spices mingled with the sweet exotic wood species. The evocation, in a fragrance, of a freshly waxed wood.
Bois et Épices
A luxurious fragrance that mixes leather and precious wood, for a chic and confidential atmosphere.
Cuir Santal
Blend of rich and deep notes inspired by the legends of the Orient. An explosion of evocative scents. A scent that invites you to travel.
Épices du Souk
Is it there? Just feel it, to notice it. A zest of freshness, a disconcerting lightness. A bright and sparkling fragrance that makes every moment, a moment we remember.
Esprit de Thé
A scent, facing the sea. The iodized air of the ocean carried by the wind. An escape at sea, without leaving the edge.
Mystery and golden reflections. Wealth of materials, power and depth. Explore new horizons by the scarcity of this fragrance.
Mysterious, subtle and bewitching scent worn by Oriental notes. A thousand and one reasons to be persuaded by this fragrance, until the end of the night.
Nuit Orientale
Subtle chord. Voluptuous amber and racy fragrance.
This synergy of aphrodisiac elements, relaxes, stimulates hormones and increases libido. It reveals an atmosphere conducive to pleasure. A scent, a promise of desire.
African red tracks, trek and warmth: agreement of exotic wood and mixed spices. A fragrance of elegance and character.
Teck et Tonka


Voluptuous. Intoxicating. A bouquet of herbs mixed with relaxing scents. A singular fragrance, with a plural sensation.
Herbal Spa